Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd. – HVAC – Winnipeg – Manitoba

Residential Heating

Nexstar specializes in residential heating; they know nothing is quite as comforting as walking into a nice warm house at the end of a long cold day. When you have to be bundled up in layers of jackets, sweaters, scarves, mitts and toques just to venture outside, it's nice to be able to take off a layer (or three!) and relax. Unfortunately sometimes things aren't as ideal and you're literally left in the cold. Nexstar's expert service team is available 24 hours a day to accommodate any residential heating or cooling issue you may have. They repair, replace and service a variety of heating appliances including residential boilers, steam radiators, and gas furnaces. They also service central air systems, gas heaters and forced air systems.

Residential Boilers (Furnaces)

Over time boilers have slowly begun to be phased out as residential heating appliances in Manitoba. As homes are becoming more commonly open concept style and increasingly larger, high efficiency heating alternatives are becoming more popular. Boiler heaters do have their benefits, as they produce a heat like no other system. Boiler heated homes offer the cleanest and quietest residential heating, and are commonly used with a ductless air conditioning system which also promotes a clean and quiet indoor environment.

Steam Radiators

Steam radiators are one of the earliest forms of residential heating. Steam radiator systems remove the need for pumps as the steam is able to flow through the pipes under its own pressure. This type of system has been widely used for heating large, tall, buildings because of this feature. Due to the high temperatures required to operate such a system, and the associated inevitable heat loss, they are generally not the most efficient. Steam radiators are also known for their notorious "knocking" sounds; when steam is able to condense in a horizontal section of the pipes it creates a "slug" that is eventually forced through the piping at high velocity, causing the loud knocking sound upon impact with the pipe fitting and creating stress on the pipes. This is generally caused by a poor condensate drainage system due to buildings settling over time.

Gas Heating

Gas heating systems can be categorized into two categories, flued or non-flued. A flued system is permanently installed in a residential or commercial building, where as a non-flued system can be permanently installed or portable. Flued, or vented systems, extract the emissions from the burning of natural gas from the air and are generally safer than non-flued or un-vented systems. Gas heating is less commonly used due to the potentially safety concerns related to the burning of natural gas that is required to operate the system.

Forced Air Systems

Forced air systems use a series of fans to circulate warm air to different rooms of a building, and to pull cooler air back to the furnace for re-heating. These types of systems generally include two sets of ducts within the building, one for warm air and one for cool air. The major advantage to this system is the ease it creates for the installation of a central air cooling system as a cooling coil only need be added at the outlet of the furnace.