Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd. – Cooling System – Winnipeg – Manitoba

Residential Cooling

Air conditioning is considered a luxury by many, but once you've lived with it it's hard to go back! On those sweltering summer days when the heat feels like it is impossible to escape, nothing cools you down like an icy blast of air conditioning. Most new homes now come equipped with some form of residential cooling. Nexstar mechanical will work with your contractor to ensure the best possible system is included in your new home, they will also retro-fit a residential cooling system into your existing home.

Central Air

Central air systems are installed in most new home developments because of their high efficiency. They can be retrofitted into an existing home, but this can be a difficult task to complete due to the duct work required for the system to operate. However, because the system can be used for heating in cooler months and cooling in warmer months using the same hardware they are extremely cost effective.